Beef broth with oxtail / Noodle soup

I grew up with soups. First with my grandmother’s soups and then my mother took over! But as good as my mother’s soups were the one soup we always liked better when it was made by my grandmother was her noodle soup, although I have no idea why. Maybe she used different noodles.
1 kg of beef shank and oxtail
¼ of celeriac root cut into pieces
2 carrots chopped
1 leek cut into thick slices
1 parsnip cut into pieces
1 Bouquet garni
salt and pepper
freshly ground nutmeg
freshly chopped parsley

How much water you need really depends on your pot, I make my beef broth in the pressure cooker so I use almost one and a half litres of water. Just make sure your beef is all covered with liquid, put the lid on and about 45 minutes later the broth is ready. The oxtail meat should fall off the bone.

You can leave in the vegetables if you want, I usually just leave in some carrots. Season to your liking, add fine noodles and the oxtail and sprinkle with parsley . Enjoy!

The rest of the beef tastes nice either finely shredded into the soup OR served with creamed horseradish and crusty bread.

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