According to their website Veeraswamy is the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in the U.K, and possibly the world and offers dishes prepared authentically and freshly as in Indian homes with great attention to food presentation and wines which complement individual dishes.
We were greeted at the entrance by a very nice young man wearing Indian clothes and a turban and who turned out to be Latvian. He was very kind and showed us upstairs where we were warmly welcomed and seated at a really nice table at the window overlooking Regent Street.
The menu wasn’t very big which I liked as I can never make up my mind if there are too many dishes to choose from and we had help from our helpful waiter who explained all the dishes to us and which region they were from.
Sandra had Indian Chicken Stew

Richard had a lamb dish with a coriander sauce
And I had duck jalfrezi
All of our dishes were incredibly colourful, tasted simply divine and were just the right size. We had four different breads with our main courses and rice.
I can totally recommend this Indian restaurant and although I was quite shocked when I saw the prices I must say that it was worth it! Starters range from £8-12 and main courses from £17-23.

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