Plenty food…

I celebrated my 40th birthday on Saturday and luckily the weather was good after a week of fingers crossing, cursing the clouds, begging any Gods there may be out there and ignoring the weather forecast completely.
I didn’t take any pictures of all the food we had, mainly because after two days of running around and cooking and preparing I had other things on my mind.
Here’s a list of what Betti, Christine, Thimo, Philipp and myself put together:
Fried Courgettes brushed with garlic, balsamic vinegar and fresh basil
Green salad with rocket leaves
Cucumber with fresh dill and sour cream
grilled cocktail tomatoes (from Faye)
Furthermore we had lamb kebabs, chicken in garlic butter kebabs and king prawn kebabs (marinated in lime juice, ginger, garlic and chilli) and small pita bread.
Unfortunately we also had plenty of leftovers the next day. But I rather have too much food than not enough. The lamb and the chicken is now in the freezer, most of the salads were eaten over the next two days and the rest went on the compost where it served as unexpected culinary delight for foxes, birds, cats and squirrels.

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