Sunday Roast: Lamb

Now that the weather is colder and you have to think about turning on the heating when you come home (and I’ve turned it on already because I refuse to sit in my own home and freeze to death) my mind wanders to homely dishes like stews and roasts … comfort food as my husband would call it. So yesterday I made a nice roast lamb. I bought a carvery lamb leg and a couple of lamb shanks as I wasn’t quite sure how many people we would be and I thought, if we don’t eat all on Sunday we’ll have leftovers for Monday, so either way I wasn’t bothered about having a lot of meat.
I salted and peppered my lamb, then seared the shanks and the leg on all sides in a hot pan before I took it all out to put it in my roasting tin. I also roasted some vegetables in the same pan (onions, garlic, leeks, carrots) to go in with the meat. I added some fresh rosemary and filled up the roasting tin with good homemade lamb stock (previously made and frozen). Up into the oven for a good couple of hours and then served with roasted potatoes, green beans and Brussels sprouts.
While I just about remembered to take a picture of the lamb before I put it in the oven I forgot to take a picture when I took it out. I was too busy making my gravy, dishing up and then eating! It’s not important I think. Everyone knows what roast lamb looks like 😉

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