Blackcurrant and raspberry muffins

I found blackcurrants in the supermarket and was overjoyed. My grandmother used to have currant bushes, white, red and black. Every year in the summer we would all go and pick the ripe, plump berries. Later on my grandmother would make jam out of the black currants and use the red and white ones for a baked tart. It’s not that easy finding black currants so I bought two punnets. I ate one of them and decided I would use the other punnet for making some muffins. Apart from raspberry muffins the other day I am totally  new to the fruity/berry muffin business. Thanks to the trusty internet I soon found a recipe that appealed to me:

New Thinking on Food – Blackcurrant muffins

I followed the recipe apart from the milk (I don’t have soymilk at home, yuk, yuk, yuk) and I’m sorry, I cannot bake muffins without at least one egg, but I didn’t want to screw up the recipe so in went one egg yolk as a compromise. I also added a handful or raspberries, mainly because they had to go!
I tried one once the muffins had cooled down and while it tasted nice, well, it only tasted nice. Definitely room for improvement I thought. I will have to bake them again with some of my own adjustments.


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