As you know I spend a lot of time in my kitchen but surprise surprise I am not just baking sweet things or making pork pies! I’m also cooking healthy things and love it even more when I can use fresh local ingredients like runner beans from my neighbour’s allotment (no, I don’t steal them) or my own tomatoes and of course strawberries and blackberries.
Although inevitably everyday I ask myself the same question: What am I going to cook today? What can I make that’s not just healthy but also quick and easy?
Along came innocent with their new book hungry? It’s aimed to get kids involved in cooking, keeping them busy helping their mum and dad and producing something that everybody likes and is proud of. I don’t have any kids I can involve, just my other half but as so many people point out how young he looks for his age I think it might be a good idea giving him this book to start doing dinner from now on!
While I’m still waiting for my copy of the book to arrive I flicked through one at the book store and was delighted to see that the book is entirely in the innocent spirit that I love. Funny, informative, great stories and drawings and filled with what looks like delicious recipes for all occasions.
You might have seen some of the videos for the innocent book but this one is my favourite:
And my sister’s sons are the living proof that involving kids in the kitchen will be rewarded when they’re older. They are both competent in the kitchen, love trying out new recipes and cook for their mother (on and off though, but you’ve got to be realistic, they are still teenagers after all!)
If you want to know more about innocent you can check out their youtube channel or of course their own website. I have been impressed by the company and their philosophy for years and I only wish there were more companies like them.
To make you hungry for more:
If you still have a local bookstore in your town go and get the book there. If not then you can order it here!  I’ll be following up with a proper review once I have my hands on my own copy and tried out some recipes, so make sure you come back.

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