Wiff Waff!

I had to make a ping pong table cake a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday, who organised a wiff waff competition. I baked two chocolate sheet cakes and used a chocolate fudge buttercream for the filling… that was the easy bit! The tricky bit came when I had to cover the cake in green fondant. The cake was huge so at first I had to clear my kitchen counter from all the stuff that usually stands around (sugar, tea, various coffee pots, kettle etc. etc.). Rolling it out was no problem but lifting the big fondant sheet over the cake was! I tried five times all in all, every time the fondant either tore or I couldn’t get it all the way over and in the end I had to step away from it and go to the pub to calm myself down with a couple of drinks! I must have had a pound of icing sugar in my hair and all over me, not to mention all over my kitchen floor and appliances!
When I came back I covered the two long sides in fondant strips and then just did one big one and smoothed it over the short sides. Easy! 😉
Cutting the white strips and making the bats were no problem whatsoever. Finding the right net/mesh however was one. I briefly played with the idea of making my own net with spun sugar but decided against it when I found a pair of white tights that I didn’t know I had. I cut a small strip off the thigh and just wedged it between two kebab skewers! Voila, the cake was done.

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