Drummroll, please!

On Saturday I had to bake a cake in the shape of a snare drum for the 50th birthday of a drummer in a band and it was the first time I covered a round cake in fondant. I had known for a few weeks that I had to bake this cake and after the previous experience of trying to cover a square cake in fondant and how difficult it is with just two hands I wisely invested in The Mat.

(Sorry, I tried to embed the video but for some reason it won’t work!)

Ok, I’m not as good as Kathy (the woman in the video) when it comes to rolling out the fondant, in fact, that needed a lot of elbow grease but my rolling pin may simply not be up to the job (it’s a wooden one with no handles, not a good buy actually); however, once you’ve rolled it all out the next steps are as easy as shown in the video. I am so pleased that I bought this mat!
I had googled images of snare drum cakes and there are fantastic looking cakes out there… but waaaay too over the top for my skills. I was particularly worried about the lugs (I thought they were called brackets actually) but thanks to printing out several pictures of actual snare drums and a sudden burst of courage I just went ahead and improvised and used whatever tools I had in my kitchen to add finishing touches. Plus edible silver glitter spray and liquid silver paint. The last bit that went on yesterday was the badge on the side. I didn’t know what kind of drum the birthday boy used so I assumed he had a Pearl drum (which turned out to be correct). I kept the “Pete” in the same writing style as the Pearl logo.
The cake itself is a two tier chocolate cake with a raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling.

And here’s the end result! It’s not as sharp lined as I hoped it would be but I am actually very pleased with it! What do you think?


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