Dragon Cake

It was supposed to be a Harry Potter Dragon cake but having looked at the dragon in the Harry Potter films there was no way I would be able to fashion that kind of dragon without investing major time, not to mention gum paste, colours, stabilisers for the neck of the dragon and and and. It had wings, big teeth, spew fire and looked fierce! Too fierce for my crafting skills.
After a lot of thinking and tossing some ideas around in my head i.e. cake in a dragon shape? Round cake with a dragon painted on it? Round cake with a dragon sitting on top? I opted for the latter.
The cake itself was the easiest as usual. A simple chocolate cake (1.5 times the normal amount as I baked an 11 inch cake) cut in two layers, filled with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream, then iced and covered in ivory fondant. Easy peasy! I did that all in one evening. Well, I baked the cake one evening and the next morning before I went to work I filled and iced the cake and when I came home later that day I rolled out my fondant and covered the cake.
Then came the hard part: Making a dragon.
I had lots of green fondant left over from another cake so I first made the entire dragon out of it. But the body was too heavy to put on the cake, it would have sunk in. So off I went to Tesco, bought a small marble loaf cake and just cut it into shape for the dragon body and covered it in fondant. I used two different green colours for the pattern to give the dragon a scale like appearance. The bits along its spine were jelly diamonds and I also used green and blue sugar sprinkles. The last bit that went onto the dragon was its tongue!  What do you think?


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