Nigella’s old fashioned chocolate cake

I wanted to try out a new chocolate cake and came across this one from Nigella Lawson: It’s her old fashioned chocolate cake and what convinced me to try it out were her words “because it is, for me, the essence of chocolate cake: melting, luscious and mood-enhancingly good.” How could I resist this recipe? It all went well, the cakes turned out a bit flatter than I thought but judging by the picture of the cake on her blog it wasn’t meant to be a tall cake. The only issue I had was with her icing, I had to use a lot more icing sugar than in her recipe to keep the icing from running down the cake. I’m also not sure about the use of Golden Syrup in the icing… maybe that’s the reason it was quite runny to begin with? I think instead of using 300g of icing sugar I must have used 500g. It still tasted good (when does icing ever taste bad, no matter how much sugar you use when it’s combined with chocolate?) but I will use a different icing recipe for future cakes.



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