Vitamin C cake

When I posted on Facebook that I baked a Vitamin C cake my sister asked if it tasted like those vitamin tablets that effervesce when you put them in water.  Of course not, I replied in a dismayed voice (only in my head though!), the C comes from citrus. And whenever I think of citrus fruits I also think of Vitamin C. There you go!

I had so many mandarins, lemons and limes that needed to go and was wondering what to do with them… jello sprang to mind but I didn’t have any good booze at home for proper jello shots so I thought why not use my lemon yogurt cake as a base and instead of lemons I use lemons and mandarins and limes?

I used the zest of two mandarins, two limes and a lemon in the cake and combined the juices of all the fruits. I didn’t change the quantity of any of the ingredients.

Once the cake came out of the oven I poked it all over with a spaghetti noodle (uncooked obviously) and then poured hot mandarin/lemon/lime syrup over it (same quantity of sugar as liquid. In this case I used a third of a cup of sugar and a third of a cup of liquid).

When the cake had completely cooled in its pan and soaked up all the syrup I took it out and iced it with icing sugar mixed with orange liquor and some mandarin juice.



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