I have finally given in….


…. and ordered myself a kitchen machine (you call it food mixer). After years of pondering shall I? Can I justify spending so much money? Which one? Do I really need one? How often will I use it? Can I afford it? and reading endless blogs and consumer reviews and asking on Facebook about preferences I have opted for neither a Kenwood nor a KitchenAid but a trusty Bosch. I say trusty because my mum has only Bosch appliances. In the beginning I think she bought Bosch because my uncle used to work for Bosch. But even after he left Bosch my mum kept buying their machines because they were so good.

It was almost a relief when I ordered it. I made a decision. And not an expensive one. Even though I saved up for a good kitchen machine for over a year now and could have easily bought an expensive one but once I have a bit of money saved up I get extremely stingy on what I spend it on. Usually I end up moving it from my savings account into my current account when things go wrong and I am cutting into my overdraft for when I’ve spent too much on champagne or a dress. So I am quite pleased with myself that I did spend my money on something I wanted for a long time. Good bye aching wrists and hello fluffy light sponges!


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