Smart shopping

I love food shopping. I love it especially when I’m in a different city or even country and often I come across things that I wish I could find in my local supermarkets.

My local Tesco has a foreign food aisle and recently I’ve discovered these noodle soups. Don’t they look cool? There are all sorts of noodle soups… some of them are completely in a foreign language and I have no idea what flavour they are but that doesn’t really bother me! We used to buy two minute noodle soup packs in Fiji and I have very fond memories of John making soup for me with added onions, chillies, cassava etc.etc, basically whatever was available on the island went into the soup!

So when I discovered these foreign two minute noodle soups a while ago I bought a whole variety of them and let me tell you, they are excellent value for money. I know you can buy Tesco value two minute noodle soups for what, 28 pence a pack? Or even less? But they don’t taste as nice as the foreign ones. They are great for when you think you don’t have anything to eat in the house. Last time I spruced them up by adding a handful of frozen prawns that I found in the freezer, a small piece of leftover chorizo from a week ago, a couple of mushrooms that were also on the brink and a few cocktail tomatoes that had fallen out of the packet and were at the back of my vegetable drawer and almost destined to go all mushy. Furthermore I spiced it up with Tom Yum Soup Paste, some lime juice, some fish sauce and a small spoonful of palm sugar. Serve with a sprinkle of fresh herbs (again, whatever you have in the garden or at your window sill or in the fridge) and some bread!

The result was one of the best soups we had in a long time. And so cheap! And I used up all those things that otherwise would have gone to waste.


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