Nigella’s lemon polenta cake

I watched an old episode of some Nigella series the other day and happened to see when Nigella made her Lemon Polenta cake. The batter had a golden, deep yellow, sunny colour to it and there was just something about the way Nigella smoothed it into the baking tin that I knew I will have to make this cake. So yesterday afternoon I baked it. It looked exactly like on the picture in the recipe so I was very pleased with the outcome. What does it taste like? Well, lemony and very moist and it feels light and heavy at the same time. Light because of the polenta I think and heavy because of the ground almonds (or the other way around?) and the amount of lemon syrup that seeped into the cake. It’s also very buttery. Almost too much butter for my taste.

Will I make it again? Yes. With less butter and more zest and maybe less syrup.


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