Strawberry Cream Cake the second

Last year’s strawberry cream cake must have left a good taste in Oliwia’s mouth because for her birthday this year she asked for another one! I kept the same recipe but used a bigger baking pan so the base was a slightly flatter than last year’s sponge cake. I also added a layer of strawberry slices on the cake before I poured over the strawberry cream.

The strawberries you get at this time of the year can be quite bland so I had chopped them up quite finely and macerated them for about half an hour in some sugar, a bit of raspberry liquor and a squeeze of lemon juice before I blended them to then combine with the whipped cream.

While the cake was setting in the fridge I made my top layer for the cake:

Frozen raspberries heated up with some sugar and lemon juice until they’re all soft with a handful of fresh strawberries meshed through a fine sieve with some gelatine mixed in so it would set on top of the strawberry cream.

The cake turned out remarkably well. I was so worried I wouldn’t get it out of its form but it came out beautifully. I didn’t have to make any repairs and the decorating was the easiest bit.

This year I actually got to try my cake, I was given a big slice which I shared with my other half and it was strawberry creamy goodness on a fluffy vanilla sponge with an extra zing from the raspberry strawberry jelly. A definite winner!


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