This was so much fun to make…

A few months ago I saw a Lego cake in my baking group on Facebook and it looked fabulous. If only I knew someone I could make that cake for, I thought. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Jim’s birthday was looming on the horizon. I asked his girlfriend what Jim likes (hoping she’s give me an idea for a present for him) and all she said was “Lego”. Me: “But he doesn’t eat cake, does he?”. Julie: “Oh, he loves chocolate cake”. Me: “Oh My God, yesssss, I can finally make this cake I’ve been wanting to make for months”.

The Lego cake looks more difficult to make than it actually is. I baked two chocolate cakes (Recipe from Barefoot Contessa) Friday afternoon and on Saturday I made the chocolate butter cream and started on assembling the cake. The butter cream frosting was seriously adult material though, dark and only slightly sweet and containing rum. For serious chocolate cake lovers! Using my trusty mat I rolled out the Royal Icing and covered the cake with it. I learnt from previous cakes not to roll out the icing too thin as otherwise you’ll get cracks in it after a while. I made the top bricks using an ice cube tray and the side bricks were simply rolled out coloured sugar paste. Yes, a plasterer would be appalled by how wonky some of the bricks are and they are not uniformly sized but who cares? It’s a cake! A homemade cake! It’s supposed to look homemade and not factory made!

I was very happy with the end result and so was Jim when I gave him the cake later that day.


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