Waitrose Easy to Cook range

I spent too much time at the dentist yesterday and had no intenions of cooking, even though I had (still have) a big batch of minced meat in the fridge that needs to be turned into something delicious. I stopped at Waitrose on my way home and bought their  “Waitrose Easy deboned chicken with parmesan & tomato” from the Easy to Cook range.  On the back of the package it said “Succulent boneless British chicken gently marinated in olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, SunBlush® tomato, fresh rosemary & thyme”, which I thought sounded quite lovely.

It took 45 minutes in the oven and I served it with sauted leftover potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. The chicken was indeed succulent, it tasted nice although I couldn’t really make out the sunblushed tomatoes other than that there was something red on the chicken skin which I gathered must have been the tomatoes. I was also a bit surprised to read that there was parmesan in it… no taste of it whatsoever.

It was £6.99, so definitely cheaper than getting a take-away but for £6.99 I could have bought a whole organic, free range chicken and I know I’d have leftovers for today from it. But I couldn’t have cooked a whole chicken in 45 minutes and I would have had to invest some time by cutting off excess fat and seasoning it and because all I wanted was to turn my oven on, open the door and shove the chicken inside I don’t regret having spent £6.99 on a dinner for two.


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