Double Chocolate Loaf

I came across this double chocolate loaf via foodgawker the other day (have you been on foodgawker yet? OH MY GOD, this is such a cool website, you HAVE to have a look… it’s foodporn, honestly!), anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I wanted to make some kind of chocolate cake and while I have some trusted recipes that always work out and always taste delicious I wanted something different…. So I stumbled across the recipe for a Double chocolate loaf by Mehan’s kitchen.

I had all the ingredients at home and followed the recipe exactly (even though I thought there was a lot of chocolate going in) and while I know that every oven is different I was a bit surprised that after an hour the cake was still liquid in the middle but the rest was baked all around. I added ten more minutes to it and then I took it out. I made a simple sour cream frosting and once it was all set I cut into my cake. The first slice was, mhm, a bit dry. Very chocolaty no less. The next few slices were fine, slightly over baked around the outsides and the chocolate pieces had melted into the batter but in some places it had gone hard. After the forth slice I encountered a big hole right in the middle.

I don’t know what went wrong. Oven temperature too high? Too low? Left it in too long?

The cake tasted delicious, dark and chocolaty and not too sweet and the sour cream frosting added a nice taste to it.

I think I will make this recipe again but this time I will blitz the chocolate to a coarse powder instead of cutting it in small chunks. Maybe I should have used chocolate chips? But I don’t like the chocolate chips you can buy in this country, I rather use a bar of Green & Black’s cooks chocolate bar and chop it up!

It’s bugging me when a cake goes wrong.


2 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Loaf

  1. Need to try cabildeau choc drops, you might be able to get them from the cake shop! Also try again and turn the oven down by 10deg.Also a really gOod quality tin to ptotect it! Sounds delish – might give it a try!

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