Lazy days in the sunshine …

… and being on my own have prevented me from baking and cooking. We did have a few BBQs over the last week, after all, we had to make the most of this glorious weather; who knows IF we will have summery days again this summer in Britain!  But I forgot to take any pictures of our food… if you want to know, we had boneless chicken thigh filets which I lightly oiled, then sprinkled with Masala Curry, Fenugreek powder and chilli flakes. They were delicious. Juicy and spicy and just the right amount of heat! Served with a cucumber, dill and sour cream salad as well as a greek salad with feta etc.

What I wanted to share today was actually this post from Brightnest about uses for toothpicks and fun with finger food. Listed are 16 ideas for finger food and they all look absolutely delicious. I especially like the Italian Lollipops:


Beach cake

I was asked to make a beach themed cake for the girlfriend of a friend of mine and this is the outcome:

For the sand I used soft brown sugar, yellow sugar sprinkles and some ordinary white sugar and blitzed it for a few times in my little blender.

I used ivory sugar paste for the shell moulds and once they were dry I painted them.

I meant to do a goldfish on the side…. but it turned into an octopus for some reason.

Everything apart from the deckchair, the sunbrella and the candles was edible. And it all got eaten according to my friend!