Roasted Tomato Salsa

Based on recipe by Thomasina Miers from her programme “Mexican Food Made Simple” this tomato salsa is incredibly easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious. So fresh, I can’t over how fresh it tastes! Anyway, the only thing I didn’t have was a chilli (of all things), even though I could have sworn I had some in the fridge… never mind, that gave me a chance to try out some chipotle chillis that I had bought on a whim but without any knowledge on how to use it.

I used fresh parsley instead of coriander because I simply don’t like coriander. And I added a teaspoon of chilli flakes as it wasn’t hot enough for my taste.  I’ve never really been much into Mexican food but watching Thomasina Miers cook these easy and delicious dishes made me change my mind about Mexican food. I’ve decided I’m going to buy her book and start cooking Mexican!


Fancy cake or muffin toppers

I came across this fabulous tutorial on how to make some marbled chocolate decoration, really easy to make and impressive to look at so I decided I try it out!

Once I had the hang of it I made all sorts of shapes.

For the chocolate muffins I used my trusted recipe from The Pink Whisk, which works every time. If you use this recipe for cupcakes and you don’t overload your cases you get 24 cupcakes out of the batter. In case you make these delicious muffins, you get 12 out of them and have a few spoonfuls left to eat.  It tastes divine just on its own. Very much like chocolate mousse!


Olympic cakes

This year has been a great year for bakers. First the Diamond Jubilee… a great subject for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and all sorts of edible goods and now London 2012! From Olympic themed cupcake cases to sugar medals as toppers to giant Olympic cakes… I think there is something for everyone out there!

I had a quick browse through the internet and I noticed the following cakes (a click on the picture itself will bring you to the original blog post and the recipe in some cases)!:

I love this cake. I think it’s simple yet impressive!

London 2012 Olympics. Exactly!

How cool is this velodrome? And so easy to make really!

Someone actually made the Olympic Stadium! Complete with scenes from the Opening Ceremony. I bet a lot of work went into this cake.

And look at these medal cookies! They look fabulous!

The circus came to town…

I was invited to a party with the theme Circus, Cabaret and Carnival and as a birthday present my friend asked me for a red velvet cake. Nothing easier than that! Of course, it had to go with the theme of the evening… so first I baked three red velvet cakes. I was anxious they might not turn out red enough so I used quite a bit of my “Extra Red” colour.

This one came out perfect. The other two unfortunately decided to cave in. But not to worry, I only needed four layers and some cake to make the dome of my circus tent. I cut the perfect cake into two layers and made sure that I got two even layers out of the other two cakes.

I made a cream cheese frosting and layered my cake. Then I combined the cake crumbs with the frosting (like you would do if you made cake pops) and made the dome.

I crumb coated the cake (twice) and chilled it in the fridge until everything had set so I could cover it in white fondant. Next was the roof.

And two hours later the cake was finished. I finally had the chance to use my grass nozzle!

I added red glitter to the yellow ribbons on the side as the cake was for a girl and girls like glitter. (Ok, it was a grown woman my age who the cake was for but a bit of glitter has never harmed anyone!)

And we cut the cake later that night. It tasted great (even if I say so myself). It looks like the white fondant was quite thick on the top but it’s deciving… I put a thick layer of cream cheese frosting on the top!

I must apologise for the bad picture quality. These pictures were taken with my mobile phone, which was covered in flour, icing sugar and had several buttery finger prints on them. Looks like one of them was on the lens!