Apple Cinnamon rolls

I am already in Autumn mood; the weather is cold and rainy and damp and hardly any sunshine anymore and it’s so windy that I am fearing for my five apples on my apple tree. The tree is only in its second year so I’m very pleased with how many apples it grew.

They still need a bit (I think? I’ve no idea when it comes to apple trees, I don’t even know what variety it is as I threw the tag away when I planted the tree, I was just so excited to have my own apple tree in my garden) so on Sunday I thought what could I do with five apples? I was looking through many recipes trying to find one that appealed to me. I am not keen on too much apple in or on a cake, the apple can’t be puréed, it still has to have a bite. And no raisins either in my baked goods, yuk, raisins freak me out.

I came across these Apple Walnut Cinnamon Rolls and don’t they look tasty?

I followed the recipe but I used half roasted walnuts and half roasted hazelnuts as I wanted to use up an open pack of hazelnuts. The rolls turned out fine, but the next time I’ll be using less flour (6.5 cups = ca 815 gram) as I felt there was too much flour in my dough. I will also make more of the filling. Since there was so much dough I had to roll it out quite big in order to get the thinness of it. Now that I think of it, I could have just rolled out less dough. Duh! Anyway, I’ll still make more of the filling as it tastes divine. I used one and a half Granny Smith Apple and one Braeburn Apple.

And of course, every oven is different. Mine was hot from dinner so I should have known better and left the rolls in for less than 20 minutes as I think they are a teeny-weeny bit overbaked. Not that they don’t taste nice, they are gooey and sticky and cinnamonny and the sharpness of the apples cuts through the sweetness beautifully. All in all I still count them as a success!

For the glaze I simply used powdered sugar and some water and a few drops of rum flavour as I had drunk all the cider a few days before. The rum flavour goes very well with the cinnamon and the apples!

Have a go at them, they are time consuming as you have to let the dough rise twice but nobody forces you to do anything during that time, so you can just chill out while the yeast does its magic!



Cupcakes for book lovers


I had come across some pictures of book cupcakes on facebook a while ago and thought that these would be perfect for my sister, who lives and breathes books (she’s a bookseller) and even better, her birthday was coming up! I enquired if I could buy just the books as I would like to bake the cupcakes myself but the answer was no so I ended up looking at these sugary books a bit longer and then decided that they aren’t that difficult to make and I might as well do them myself.

The first few books were quite chunky but once you’ve done a few books you get the hang of it. I made 24 books without the titles in about three hours and then left them to dry for a couple of weeks. The book titles were down sized and printed on sugar paper and then cut out with scissors and simply glued on with edible glue. I made some simple discs out of sugarpaste for the books to rest on and so that they could be taken off before eating the cupcakes; even though the books are all made out of sugarpaste I wouldn’t want to eat them… a) they don’t taste like anything, just sweet and b) they are simply too good looking to be eaten!!!



Sweet foods as main course?

I remember from my childhood that we often had sweet things as a main dish for lunch. Like semolina pudding with sugar and cinnamon on top. Or yeast dumplings (Dampfnudeln) baked in milk in the oven until they have risen and have a nice crusty top. Usually served with vanilla custard and berries, like red currants or raspberries. Or cold sweet soup, which is made out of berries and served with zwieback. I never questioned if this was a normal thing to serve for lunch or dinner or if it was odd. Well, when I suggested to make yeast dumplings for dinner a couple of days ago my other half rejected the idea saying it was very odd, like we skipped the main course and went straight to dessert.


Yesterday lunch time I had such a craving for something sweet that I decided to make Nigella’s Doughnut French Toast. I had sour dough bread and rye bread at home and thought, why not use both and see which one tastes better.

Oh. My. God. The rye bread was definitely better than the sour dough bread. It added another flavour dimension to it… it’s difficult to describe, it tasted darker and richer… just good. So so good.

The doughnut french toast is so easy to make (I used vanilla sugar and cinnamon) and is the best fix for when you need something sweet that also fills you up and keeps you going. Serve it with some fresh fruit (I had strawberries at home which I threw into my little food chopper) and it counts as your five a day 😉