Sweet foods as main course?

I remember from my childhood that we often had sweet things as a main dish for lunch. Like semolina pudding with sugar and cinnamon on top. Or yeast dumplings (Dampfnudeln) baked in milk in the oven until they have risen and have a nice crusty top. Usually served with vanilla custard and berries, like red currants or raspberries. Or cold sweet soup, which is made out of berries and served with zwieback. I never questioned if this was a normal thing to serve for lunch or dinner or if it was odd. Well, when I suggested to make yeast dumplings for dinner a couple of days ago my other half rejected the idea saying it was very odd, like we skipped the main course and went straight to dessert.


Yesterday lunch time I had such a craving for something sweet that I decided to make Nigella’s Doughnut French Toast. I had sour dough bread and rye bread at home and thought, why not use both and see which one tastes better.

Oh. My. God. The rye bread was definitely better than the sour dough bread. It added another flavour dimension to it… it’s difficult to describe, it tasted darker and richer… just good. So so good.

The doughnut french toast is so easy to make (I used vanilla sugar and cinnamon) and is the best fix for when you need something sweet that also fills you up and keeps you going. Serve it with some fresh fruit (I had strawberries at home which I threw into my little food chopper) and it counts as your five a day 😉


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