Cupcakes for book lovers


I had come across some pictures of book cupcakes on facebook a while ago and thought that these would be perfect for my sister, who lives and breathes books (she’s a bookseller) and even better, her birthday was coming up! I enquired if I could buy just the books as I would like to bake the cupcakes myself but the answer was no so I ended up looking at these sugary books a bit longer and then decided that they aren’t that difficult to make and I might as well do them myself.

The first few books were quite chunky but once you’ve done a few books you get the hang of it. I made 24 books without the titles in about three hours and then left them to dry for a couple of weeks. The book titles were down sized and printed on sugar paper and then cut out with scissors and simply glued on with edible glue. I made some simple discs out of sugarpaste for the books to rest on and so that they could be taken off before eating the cupcakes; even though the books are all made out of sugarpaste I wouldn’t want to eat them… a) they don’t taste like anything, just sweet and b) they are simply too good looking to be eaten!!!




4 thoughts on “Cupcakes for book lovers

  1. I don’t know for sure, but I can imagine. I know there is a big problem with Disney characters on cakes as these are all copyright protected. I scoured the internet for answers about book covers and as they are artwork they therefore fall under the copyright law and you need permission to scan the image, however, I don’t know if you fall foul of the law when you take pictures of these books yourself and then print them on sugar paper…. you might be able to get around it that way, I don’t know. I am thinking along the lines of when you cut out a picture of a book in a magazine for example for a collage, would you need to contact the magazine to ask if you can use their printed image or would you need to contact the publishing house as they own the artwork for the book?

    • I folded coloured sugar paste around white sugar paste, then cut them to size. I copied the book titles from pictures, printed them on sugar paper, cut them out and glued them onto the books.

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