Pulled lamb shoulder with sticky pomegranate glaze

I came across this recipe in an old magazine at my Doctor’s surgery and thanks to 21st century technology I didn’t have to sit there and carefully try to rip out that page without making any noise but I could simply search for it on my iPhone!

I decided to make this yesterday and luckily I looked up the recipe on Saturday morning and saw that I had to marinate the lamb for 24 hours! The recipe is really easy and takes no effort whatsoever and it turns out beautifully sticky, moist, tender and oh so delicious!


The only thing I changed was I added chilli flakes into the glaze and extra stock as we like sauce on our meat. And next time I make this again, I will add fresh chilli peppers into the marinade and add more cumin and cinnamon, it can do with a bit more flavour. Not that there wasn’t enough, it was just a bit on the quiet side I thought.

Overall a fantastic recipe. I made potato wedges with it, green beans and of course the yogurt dip as mentioned in the recipe. Go and make this recipe, I can totally recommend it.

And aren’t I lucky? I get to eat this again tonight as there was enough leftover!


Cakes galore

Yes, shame on me, I have neglected this blog. Life got in the way. And work. Which is part of life. Then Christmas. And then a few cakes.

Update 18.03.2013 … for some reason none of the pictures made it when I published the post! Here they are!

German Christmas Biscuits

My mother’s German Christmas Biscuits. Which she sends over every year! She makes about 20 different kinds … and some of them she makes twice because my dad eats them when he thinks nobody is watching!


This is a four layer Victoria Sponge with raspberry jam.


As small as the ball is, I am particularly proud of the stitching on it. I am not proud of the cricket bat. It looks wrong.

Make Up Cake 2

And lastly, here was the cake a 9 year old requested for her birthday party. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge, the rest is simply sugarpaste.

Make Up cake