Cakes galore

Yes, shame on me, I have neglected this blog. Life got in the way. And work. Which is part of life. Then Christmas. And then a few cakes.

Update 18.03.2013 … for some reason none of the pictures made it when I published the post! Here they are!

German Christmas Biscuits

My mother’s German Christmas Biscuits. Which she sends over every year! She makes about 20 different kinds … and some of them she makes twice because my dad eats them when he thinks nobody is watching!


This is a four layer Victoria Sponge with raspberry jam.


As small as the ball is, I am particularly proud of the stitching on it. I am not proud of the cricket bat. It looks wrong.

Make Up Cake 2

And lastly, here was the cake a 9 year old requested for her birthday party. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge, the rest is simply sugarpaste.

Make Up cake


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