Nutella Star Bread

I’ve made this a couple of times now because it tastes good and looks amazing. And it’s quite easy to make. Really!  I took the recipe from a website called Handimania which has a very nice video showing you how to make the bread. I added chopped hazelnuts to mine in addition and the second time I baked it I also added cinnamon to it.  


A bacon burger without the burger

Sometimes I have a craving for a real nice burger. The kind of burger that seems too big to be able to bite into. The kind of burger that leaves you with meat juices and ketchup running down your hands. The kind of burger that makes your mouth fill with saliva just by looking at it. I don’t always have fresh minced meat at home or the typical sesame burger buns. So I cheat. I use bacon instead of ground meat. The rest really remains the same, a nice roll (in this case ciabatta), mayo, mustard, ketchup, fresh onions, tomatoes and gherkins.

Bacon burger without the bacon