I’ve scanned through the last ten blog entries and noticed that I said a few times I would blog more… and I didn’t. I guess my life is busier than I thought or I am lazier than I thought.

I have been baking though… quite a bit. I baked my first ever Christmas cake in November last year… even though I don’t like raisins and sultanas. I used dried apricots instead. And morello cherries. And dried cranberries. I added glace lemon and orange peel and candied ginger. I soaked all the dried fruits together with orange and lemon zest in brandy and the juice of the citrus fruits for about three days before I finally made my cake batter. I also added nuts to my cake but I cannot remember which ones… Hazelnuts? Almonds? Walnuts? No idea.

The cake took about three hours to bake and when it came out the entire kitchen smelled of mixed spice and cinnamon. Just wonderful!

I read that I had to feed the cake once a week with brandy and I must have gotten carried away with the feed… when we cut the cake on Christmas Day it was more gooey than cakelike but my saving grace was that it tasted delicious. Especially with ice cream.

xmas cake


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